Be healthy and happy! Get your exercise on while having a blast! Here’s what you need.

1. White Clothing

You may be thinking plain white t’s ugh… not the band… by the end of this run, you’ll be more colorful than ever! My favorite places to buy cheap clothes, I know will be ruined… Goodwill or Walmart.

2. Accessories

Now here’s where you spice it up with some color – accessories! Go for the neon sweatbands, bandanas, or masks. It’ll make for some great pictures and the finish line!

3. Sunglasses

If you’re like me and wear contacts, sunglasses are must when you know things will be thrown in your face! The last thing I want is my fun run being destroyed by colored corn starch to the eyeball. Check out these cool shades!

4. White socks/ tennis shoes

If you’re going for the head to toe look, slap on some white sneakers and socks. Keep in mind; these are going to get dirty so that I wouldn’t rock your brand new vans.

5. Plastic carrying case for your phone

Pictures are a must at 5k’s. Who doesn’t want the world to know you just partied through to the finish line. Keep your phone color free with a waterproof case!


If you a regular 5k runner, you need the 5k Survival Pack:

Change of clothes
Water bottle
Energy bar

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