Prepare yourself… this is going to get messy!! Ready! Aim! FIRE!

1. You’re going to get wet!

I know you’re thinking, well duh! But you’d be surprised how many people attend water festivals that don’t actually want to get wet! Leave your excuses at home, embrace it!

You may scream from shear shock when that first bucket of ice cold water hits your back unexpectedly, but I promise the drive to get them back will kick in, and it’s screams of fun from there on out!

2. Use Clean Water!

Remember to use clean water if at all possible. I think we can all agreed getting clean water dumped on your head is SO much better than dirty water! WARNING: NO ICE CUBES ALLOWED

3. Never throw water on a Monk!

Monks are highly respected in Asian culture. While everyone else may be fair game, I’d refrain from super soaking the monks.

4. Anything that holds water – use it!

Get creative – cups, buckets, water guns, garden hoses, water balloons – anything that holds water. However, my personal fav is a super sonic water soaker aka water gun. You’ll be indestructible against the competition.   

5. Do not wear white!

You are going to get soaked… it is inevitable. Meaning white is not your best option. Enough said.

6. Get yourself a waterproof bag!

Your will want to take pictures or have some money to buy yummy food. A waterproof bag is a necessity! No one wants wet baht (thai money)!

Have you been in an extreme water fight? #traveljunkiespodcast