about us

It all started in 2008. Carmen and Heidi’s journey began at university where they found themselves in 5 classes together, roommates at a conference, and a week later on a plane to a far far away country named India. A great friendship was created through the numerous hours of production, editing, design, and lack of sleep. As you can see, they entertained ourselves… apparently, we ate lots of Reeses Pieces. Here the few that survived.

Since school they have traveled to several countries learning

01 Culture02 Languages03 Arts05 &04 Cuisine

They set out looking for a new adventure and found themselves clear across the globe in South Korea.

Carmen past times:  sleeping with my cat Jade, learning languages, hanging out with Kevin and his dog Barkley, making homemade chai tea, and eating anything pumpkin

Heidi past times: watching Korean dramas, eating crazy foods, playing with my dog Biscuit, hanging out with Tim, hiking and biking, exploring education and culture.

Note from Us
Join us as we share with you our experience on travel and culture. We hope this information will aid in your travels!